Rear Mounted Buckrake

Rear Mounted Buckrake

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The smaller 6 and eight tine buckrakes are available in transport and handling and are suitable for two wheel tractors ATV's etc. (see 2wheel tractor implements)


The rear mounted Buckrake fits to a standard catagory one three point linkage. The tipping version is tipped by a trip tipping mechanism. The size is 1.2m wide and the tines are 1.1m long.  It is designed to gather transport and tip all types of loose material. The tines are made from tough spring steel with forged points.  Designed for small tractors, it can carry an evenly spaced load of up to 250kg. This can also be used with Implement carrier B for transporting with different towing vehicles.

Price for 1.2m model £760

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